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Beware of "Debt Relief" Organizations

Never pay for assistance with your private or federal student loans—your servicer provides assistance for free!

Protect Yourself

There are companies misrepresenting the facts and themselves to get your business and your money. Be aware of the warning signs that a company may not have your best interest in mind. Always be vigilant and beware of what seems too good to be true. Be cautious of companies that:

  • Provide a disclaimer that they are a "private company not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education (the Department) or the Federal Government"
  • Claim to be associated with the Department or AES, but do not have your loan details readily available in their system
  • Request a fee before they will assist you with your loans
  • Ask you to provide your credit card information or debit card information
  • Ask you to send your student loan payments to them instead of your loan servicer
  • Use taglines such as "New Laws Discounting Federal Student Loans" and "Get Rid of Student Loan Debt!"
  • Ask you to sign over power of attorney or other third-party authorization so they can make changes to your account
  • Request you do not contact your servicer while they are working on your behalf
  • Promise to cancel your student loan debt, lower your monthly payment immediately, or provide instant relief from wage garnishment or default

Also, keep in mind that private loans cannot be included in a federal loan consolidation

Review Important Case Information

Know the Facts

We provide free support to borrowers whose loans we service, including assistance with the following (and much more!):