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Account Authorizations

To ensure the privacy of our customers, we will not release account specific information to anyone other than the borrower, a co-signer, endorser, or an authorized third party.

Check out the different types of third-party contacts.

You can authorize us to release information about your student loan account to another individual.

An Authorized Third Party Can: An Authorized Third Party Cannot:
  • Obtain loan information on your behalf, via phone or email
  • Request us to mail or fax information regarding your loan account
  • Provide us with your updated contact information
  • Access your online account
  • Make online payments for you
  • Request changes or adjustments to your loan account

To authorize others, complete the Account Authorizations Agreement. Here's how:

Borrowers can sign in to Account Access to complete the Authorizations Agreement Process or print, sign, and mail your application to the address provided.

Endorsers can complete and print the Account Authorizations Agreement, sign, and either:

When you sign over Power of Attorney (POA) to someone, they may have the same access to your account information as you do. A POA can:

  • Obtain loan information on your behalf, via phone or email.
  • Update the address and phone number listed on your account.
  • Request us to mail or fax information regarding your account.
  • Access your online account information and make online payments.
  • Request changes or adjustments to your account.

NOTE: There are different types of POA. The information above applies only to those who have been granted full POA privileges.

When you applied for your student loans, you provided contact information for references. If your address or phone number becomes invalid and we can't reach you, we may contact these references to obtain your contact information. If you need to change your references, please contact us.

NOTE: References are not automatically granted access to your account information. However, you may authorize us to release loan information to these parties (See Authorized Third Party).